Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kindergarten sucks

Starting kindergarten is harder than I thought it would be! It sucks. My little girl, my first born is unhappy going to school every day. My first instincts is to pull her out, put her back into a small living school setting so that she'll "love school" because let's face it, if she's unhappy now, in kindergarten, then she'll always be unhappy in school, right? Probably wrong! I need to gain a grip, hold back from my instincts and look at the big picture. If we are always running away from what's hard, if we are searching for a place that's comfortable where we always feel loved and feel important, then what do we learn from that. Maybe it's ok to be stretched. Maybe it's ok to watch my little girl be unhappy and just maybe this is my opportunity to teach her to rely on JESUS. If she's scared, let's PRAY! If she's not happy, let's PRAY that she'll meet a special friend! If she's afraid of her teacher, let's PRAY that she'll form a connection with her teacher soon. 
And God forbid she gets I trouble and has to pull her name card off the wall...maybe this is my opportunity to teach her that we all do things wrong and it's our chance to learn from what we did and how the next day her ticket will be back on the wall and then we can discuss second chances! 
Maybe Kindergarten IS hard and and my instincts to run away from anything "hard" are wrong! What am I teaching my kids if I continue to let them "ride the gravy train" where they are the center of the universe and the world revolves around them. Is it okay for me to teach them that sometimes things are hard and we are stretched and we can learn to purser ere through the hard stuff, overcome our fears and be better equipped as adults when we face hard situations. 
I don't really have the answers. Every child, every school, every parent is different. But I do know my first instincts are wrong. We are where we are because God ordained it. It doesn't mean we have to stay here, but we do need to look around and see what battles are worth fighting and learning from.