Monday, June 20, 2011

Mr. Hoho spotted in June

We were shopping at Costco and my two year old saw a man in a red shirt with a white beard. As we passed by him she pointed and said, "Momma, there is Mr. Hoho". It's June and she is thinking about Christmas.

Still in Costco as we walked around we saw a man in a white shirt with a big brown beard. My daughter pointed at him and said, "Momma, there's 'nother Mr. Hoho."

Apparently neither a white beard nor a red shirt will make you Santa, just a beard in general and you could be "Mr. HoHo".

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad, who taught me how to stone crab, took me fishing , let me climb trees with him and taught me how to drive stick in the 914 porshe he let me drive senior year. He also gave me my dry sense of humor and my sarcasm!

And to my humble husband who is a SuperDad to our 3 children 2 years old and under! He takes ALL of us running and biking, changes diapers, feeds bottles, gives baths, washes dishes and does laundry...he even irons. And while I pay the bills, I use his hard earned money to do it! And he likes my sarcasm and dry humor. Thank you dear husband for being a great dad! I should probably also thank your mom for raising you right.

A happy father's day to all the other fathers out there as well. My brother, who is the father of my super cool godson and nephew! And to my father-in-law who has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. And of course, I think of my grandfather's who have passed, but fathered my parents and taught them how to parent us. My maternal grandfather is the namesake of my son, so I always keep him close.

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being a MoM means I'm ready to join the circus

The twins have made me many things. Becoming a mom of multiples is just one of them. I think they have prepared me to join the circus. I could really do a number of jobs required in a circus. Call me a lion tamer, a professional juggler, a tight rope walker. Actually, I think they may have prepared me enough to go to the olypics as a ping pong pro.

As a professional juggler I can juggle two infant babies and a toddler just barely two years old. I can hold a baby in one arm while I manage to still use both hands and change the other babies diaper. I can feed a baby a bottle while burping the other and the whole time playing horsey with my two year old on my leg. I can nurse one while bouncing the other while I stand and spin in circles with my 2 year old on my back.

The twins have prepared me to be an amazing ping pong player. I pass them back and forth between their cribs, my shoulders, my hips, their bouncy chairs, their swings, my boobs, their boppys and their play mats, never dropping a single one. As soon as I put one down, I pick the other up.

And let me not forget to tell you that I have also evolved into Elasta Girl since they've been born. If I have left a burp cloth or a blanket out of reach for the average person, I have learned to extend my rib cage out, twist my arm a way I never knew it went, stick out my leg further than ever before to reach it with the tip of my pinky finger or toe.  Somehow I stretch just to where I need to without having to get up with all 3 kids on my lap.

I also feel like a clown many times I leave the house and I get so many stares and questions. "Are all those children yours?" Usually it is a "bless your heart" or a "you've got your hands full". I should say, "yes I do. Would you like to watch me throw them in the air and juggle them for you?" Since at this point I probably could without ever dropping one. Life is good.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jesus Rice and More Cake and the Easter Bunny

Me: Lucia, do you want some more cheesey rice?
Lucia: no mom, no Jesus rice.

Me: Do you want Emma Kate to come over and play?
Lucia: Yes momma, I want to play with More Cake!!

Lucia: momma, call Isa.
Me: who's Isa?
Lucia: Isa and Benny
Me: oh Isa and Benny from Dora.

days later....
Me: (handing Lucia her play phone) Lucia, call Isa and Benny
Lucia: No Momma, I don't want to, you call the Easter Bunny.

Guilt and Money

I asked Paul to kiss me before he left and he said he refused to "guilt kiss me". So of course I asked him what he was guilty of or was he trying to tell me I was guilty of something? He wasn't really sure which was the right answer and was just really trying to be funny. So he said he really didn't know. I was probably guilty of being too expensive. So, of course I said it was fine for him to just get rid of me if I was too expensive for him and as he thought about it for a minute he decided that I would me more expensive if he got rid of me. Of course he is just kidding, but he has a good point. Me and three kids cost a lot of money! YIKES. It was so much easier when we both worked and made lots of money and didn't have any kids to spend it on...just us. Those were good years and honestly, I'm so glad we had them together to fall back on. It may be a long, long, long time before we can spend any money on oureslves again. We now have 3 college funds to save for, 3 additional mouths to feed, sports to pay for and who knows if they end up in private schools. A house big enough, clothes...and it is endless. It's a good thing we have enough love in our house to pick up where the money ends.