Saturday, July 30, 2011

Peanuts and Spoons

Our 2 year old has many nicknames. The first thing we really started to call her, other than her name, was Baby Girl. We still call her this today. We also call her BG which is short for Baby Girl. We usually use BG when we are texting about her. For example, "Is BG still sleeping?" Something like that. We call her Monkey, Little Monkey and LM which is short for Little Monkey and is also her initials; Lucia Marcella. We call her Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, Munchkin and the list goes on and on. The most common nickname we have for her is Peanut. This might be because she is small. While she is in the 60th percentile for height, she is in the 20 percentile for weight, making her a petite little 2 year old or also known as a peanut. However, it might be that when she was in utero we referred to her as a peanut before we knew is she was male or female and it just continued to stick. I'm not completely sure where this nickname came from but both my husband and I call her Peanut and she answers to it.

Lately she has been having terrible pooping issues. I blame it on her molars coming in. Although, it may also be that her diet consists of M&M's, whole milk, ice cream, hot dogs and blueberries. However, since I am responsible for what she eats, to an extent of course, I'd rather blame this on her molars coming in. I suppose I could blame it on her daddy though. The entire side of his family has intestinal/poop issues. This may be too  much information here, but they all poop - all the time and talk about how they all poop all the time. In any case, more so lately than ever my toddler has had some very messy diapers.  And although she is potty training she has yet to poop in the potty. As soon as she has to go #2, she begs me to put a diaper on her. For now I appease her.

Lucia said to her daddy, "I have to poop".
and Paul says back to her, "Peanut, are you making peanut butter?" And we all laughed.

And this is when a new saying was born in our family. Now when someone is using the bathroom they are making peanut butter.

We all laughed! But later that day I wasn't laughing. Paul was laying diagonally on the couch and all the babies were asleep. Finally a moment of rest for I thought.

I asked Paul if he would move over so I could lay on the couch too. He said I should just lay in front of him so he could "spoon" me. How romantic, I thought and was eager to lay down and spend a little cuddle time with my dear husband...until I finally did lay down in front of him and he giggled and said, "Man! That's a big spoon!". Sometimes he thinks he is so funny and I usually do to. But this time he lost his cuddling priviledges. I went and sat in his recliner and had a nice 15 minutes to myself before someone woke up.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diarrhea, Algae, Reflux and Blueberries

We had a great typical enjoyable Saturday...until we got home...diarrhea, algae, reflux and blueberries, oh what a night.

The day started normal. My husband got up at 5:30 to meet a guy for a 60 mile bike ride. All the while, I was awake with babies and watched the sun come up, as I do most mornings now. The coffee pot can't make the coffee fast enough and I usually chug down the first cup burning hot and then sip the remaining cups as I cuddle my children. At 7:00 my 2 year old woke and at 8:00 the twins. All four of us; me, her and the twins, cuddled on the couch, which means everyone is sitting on me, and we watched as many Dora episodes as humanly possible before one gags, or until my 2 year old turns into Dora herself (is that possible?)

Then an hour later it was time to put the two bambino's down for their nap. At which point, I got dressed to go to the YMCA, got my toddler ready and packed everyone's diaper bags. My husband got home and we waited for the babies to wake up so we could leave. I had asked my husband if he would go to the Y with me and show me the workouts he used to do with a friend of his when we lived in Nashville. Both of them got super ripped and well, since I recently gave birth to twins, I will do anything to try to get "super ripped" myself right now. I feel like it has been 3 years since I've really been able to work out. I got pregnant in 2008, gave birth in 2009, breastfed for 9 months and while I ran then and worked out some then, it was hard to find the time. I was working full time and so when I wasn't working I didn't want to stick my child in daycare so I could work out. I mostly ran with her in the jogger. Then I ended up pregnant again and the cycle continues...

I never ask my husband to teach or show me anything, so this shocked him. He is my husband, not my coach, not my instructor, not my teacher and not my mentor. When he tries to "show" me something we end up in a fight. We call our canoe the "divorce boat" because we are stuck in it together and I always do it my way, which is the wrong way according to him and then we end up in a fight. The best thing we can do for our marriage is tip the thing over and swim. But that's a lesson for another time. Yes, he was shocked, but agreed to "show" me his workout. He reminded me that the only time I've listened to him was when I was giving birth to our first child naturally and the pain was getting out of control and I was about to lose it. He grabbed my face and said, "get it together, now". Suddenly that was all it took for me to calm down and in fact, I did get it together. He said that might just be the only time I didn't try to argue with him and tell him I was right and he was wrong, so he'd be happy to show me his workout, but wasn't sure why because I wouldn't listen to him anyway.

The babies woke up and off to the YMCA we went. I can't believe we were able to work out a full 45 minutes without the nursery workers coming to get one of us. Every time I leave the babies in the nursery at the Y, which has been most week days for the past 3 weeks, they have to come and get me because someone is crying and they can't get them to stop. It really puts a damper on working out and I can't say I haven't hid from the nursery worker before when I see her walking into the fitness room. It may look like I am tying my shoe, but I am just trying to duck as she walks by looking for me. The other mothers in the fitness room can rest assured she's not coming for them.

It was a success. No babies cried, I learned a new work out routine and everyone was hungry so we headed to chick fil a, so we could eat and our little one could play. Then we were ready to go home and take a nap. That too was a success. As every napped, I prepared our grocery list and organized our coupon book. Everyone woke up and off we headed, all 5 of us to the grocery store. Our trip to the store is a story for another time too because that in itself is full of lots of rights and wrongs.

We took 15 minutes after the grocery store to go to the bookstore to let my little girl play with the trains as this is one of her favorite things to do and off we went to head home. It was now 7:00 and time for everyone to eat quick, get a bath and go to bed. Oh, if only that went as smoothly as the rest of the day.

We came home and before we could even walk into the house we could smell the stench of diarrhea! Where was it? Where did it come from? It covered the whole house. We knew it was there but hadn't found it, until we walked into my daughters room and covered on her beautiful floral pink rug was a very large pile of doggy diarrhea. It didn't stop there, it trailed off her beautiful floral pink run onto the carpet. It appeared we had a sick dog and a big mess to clean up. I put the babies down and went to unload groceries, which my husband had already beat me to it. So I decided I'd feed the babies and then clean the poop. They didn't want to eat and I couldn't stand the smell. I got the gloves and started to clean. I dragged the rug outside and sprayed down her carpet, scrubbed and vacuumed.  The mister had put all the groceries away and started to cook dinner, babies seemed happy enough and everything seemed fine so I headed outside to clean the rug. I got the hose and scrubbed it with cleaner and used the hose as a pressure washer.

As I was outside I noticed my daughters kiddie pool was filled with green water because it had been sitting out there for days unused and algae was growing covering the entire bottom of the plastic blow up pool. So I thought, while I have the hose out I'll clean this out too. I started picking up the toys in the yard, dumped the water out and came inside for the bleach. I noticed my husband was still cooking dinner and now he was holding one of the twins while he did it. My two year old looked happy as she ate some turkey and cheese and fruit and the other twin seemed content, so I headed back outside with the bleach for the kiddie pool and said, "I'll be just another minute." I sprayed the pool out, poured the bleach in and realized I needed a sponge. I had already finished cleaning the rug and it was hanging to dry. I came in for the sponge and noticed that the mister was still cooking dinner, but this time he was carrying two babies who didn't look so happy and my toddler was sitting at the table complaining about her food. I was just about to say, "I'll be just another minute", when I got that look from my husband that said, "if you go back out that door, I will..." not sure what came after that but the look was bad so what followed would've been bad too.

I decided not to finish what I was doing. I took one baby, offered to take both, but he just gave me one. Went outside to turn the hose off, and came back in. Dinner was on the table. Oops. I don't think anyone was happy. All my husband said was "I'm not you and you're are not me". I took this to mean that he can't cook a meal while watching three babies and I can't clean dog poop as well as him without getting distracted. I was really hoping he didn't now I was doing 10 other things outside, but guess he did. So we sat and ate dinner.

And this is where the blueberry comes in. As we sat and ate dinner, my 2 year old swallowed a blueberry whole and yes, it got stuck. We panicked, I almost dropped a baby as I stood up to figure out what to do. She stuck her own hands down her throat and coughed up a whole blueberry. The poop, the algae, the roll-reversal, the crying babies, the gym, the bookstore, nothing, nothing mattered at that moment. We were all scared.

At this time my stress level had risen. No one would know it, not even me because when I am stressed I appear extra calm. I went to feed the babies to put them to bed and forgot to give my son his reflux medicine until after I fed him. This doesn't happen much, but when it does it's a bad beginning to the night. He can't settle, he cries more and longer and can't get comfortable. Not only were we up all night with sad babies, hungry babies, but also with a dog who was constantly pacing and whimpering to go outside. If we had a fenced yard he would've stayed outside, but each time we had to get up and take him out, get up and feed a baby, get up and rock a baby. But you know what, I'd do it all again. I was just happy by little girl didn't choke on a blueberry.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Panties On The Head, Panties On The Head, Looking Like a Fool With Panties On Your Head

There was a knock on the door.  I was comfortably sitting on the couch laughing with my two year old while I fed one baby a bottle and nursed the other. But I quickly layed one baby on the couch and rushed to the door to get the dog. When someone knocks on our front door, our 90 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback charges to the glass panes barking and growling so obnoxiously you think he is going to jump right through the glass and bite you right in the throat taking your life from you forever. So, in an effort to keep the dog somewhat quiet so he didn't startle the babies too badly, ok, and so he didn't freak out the person at the door, I rushed towards the door to get him. Holding a baby in one arm I dragged the dog by the callar to the bathroom and shut the door. Fearing I left the person at the door too long, I quickly checked to make sure I had pinned my bra back on and that I was wearing a shirt. All seemed good so I rushed back to the door to open it.

There stood a man with a letter in his hand. He was...THE Turf Doctor. He said he just wanted me to know that they turfed the yard and give me their latest newsletter. I was sort of thinking to myself, "why do I want your newsletter?" "Why are you telling me you turfed the yard?","You turf the yard every month and you've never knocked on the door before." "You just put that sign in the yard letting us know." "If you have a newsletter you usually leave it rubberbanned to the doorknob." "And duh, don't you think I can see the seed all over the sidewalk?" "I know when you are here." "I don't care about your newsletter." It was as if he knocked on the door becuase he knew I was juggling two newborn babies with a bottle and a boob while entertaining a 2 year old and wanted to watch me jump up out of my comfortable couch and grab my loud abnoxious dog all the while not dropping a baby or exposing a boob. The other guy with him probably saw me through the window and dared him to do it.

But nevertheless, I thanked him, gave him my "thank you so much, I don't really give a crap" smile and as i was about to close the door I made eye contact with him. He didn't appear to be looking at me before that, but more like he was looking through me. As my eyes met his, one half of his lip on the right side went up as if he was smirking at me. His eye brows raised just a tad as if he was trying to control them to stay down, but couldn't help it. I almost thought he was going to start laughing at me. But honestly I really wasn't sure because quite frankly it's been days since I've slept. I'm overtired and I don't really pay attention to people anymore these days like I used to so I feel out of practice in reading peoples expressions. He could've been about ready to cry for all I really knew. But I knew something was going on and I really couldn't place it and in a matter of milliseconds I realized I didn't really care and I closed the door. I watched him through the glass panes turn towards his truck where the other "Turf Doctor's" were and he seemed to be shaking his head.

I was holding a baby in the crescent of my arm. My other baby was asleep on the couch. The dog was in the bathroom. Then it hit me. Where is my 2 year old? My 2 year old was standing right next to me holding my leg the whole time. My 2 year old was wearing only a pair of panties. The panties, however, were on her head.

What was that turf doctor thinking? Standing there while my butt naked two year old stood next to me with her panties on her head?

My 2 year old is potty training and she is doing excellent! She had just peed in the potty but did not want to put her panties back on. I didn't really push the issue, as I was a little busy putting babies into a booby milk induced coma.

I just about died laughing later when I saw her running around the house with her bare bottom and her panties on her head. Of course, she found it hilarious too as she twirled in cirlces saying, "dizzy, dizzy, dizzy." She kept pulling the panties over her eyes so she couldn't see where she was going, she fall down and just cracked up laughing.

I just didn't expect to forget about it and then have someone come to the door, open the door, and have my two year olds bare bottom hanging out and her panties on her head.

Looking like a fool with your panties on your head.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boob Jobs and "other" Jobs

We were eating dinner (which means I was nursing a baby, feeding another baby a bottle, threatening my two year old if she didn't sit down I was going to put her back in her high chair, and trying to eat my dinner at the same time) and the news was on. I heard something on the news about breast implants. They were saying, if you have had one then these are the signs you should look for...and they listed about 10 things. I noticed my husband was intently watching the news and since my attention wasn't totally on the TV, as I was a little preoccupied, I asked him what were they talking about. And he told me that they are saying how great breast implants were and that every woman who has had them is happier and healthier than ever before, "They are encouraging women to get them," he said.

Man, men are dumb sometimes! And sometimes we have to tell them. So I did.

And his response was so convincing as he said, "well, I'm just telling you what they said, if you don't believe me you should have listened for yourself."

Haha! yeah right because I have so much time these days to watch TV! Paul likes to rent moves OnDemand and I love that he does and thinks of me, "Babe, I got this one for you, it's a chic flic". I'm flattered. But I never get to watch them. :( It's just that season in our lives right now. Where most of my day is spent in a dark nursery with a sound machine on rocking and feeding babies. I wouldn't change it for the world, but it does have it trying moments. When I told Paul I was a little busy doing other things he said, "yep, you are busy doing YOUR JOB." and of course, he gave a little sarcastic smile with it. But he's right. It is my job and it's a job that I love...for now! I couldn't do it for the next 30 years, but I can do it for the next year...and then they will be one year older and my job description will change and I'll do that job for however long I need to.

You Don't Even Know How Good You Have It

My neighbor, and friend, called me the other morning to ask a question. She wanted to know how I got my older daughter into a big girl bed. My daughter has been in a big girl bed since 15 months. When I found out I was pregnant again, I thought to myself that she'd only have a short period in the crib before we had to move her out...then we found out it was twins...and for some reason this really stressed me out. Not only would we need her crib, but we'd need another one too and for some reason that put more pressure on me to get her out of her crib. So at 15 months I converted her crib into a toddler bed and at 19 months, I moved her into a queen sized bed because it is what we already had. I wasn't going to buy her a new bed when I needed to buy another crib and quite frankly another of a lot of things we already had, ie: a stroller, car seat, etc...So my 2 year old sleeps in a queen sized bed!

Well, lately she has been sleeping on her floor. I can't quite figure it out. When my friend called to ask about converting her 2 year old into a toddler bed, I told her what I did. I read and rocked my daughter until she was just sleepy enough I could lay her down without her getting up. If she woke in the middle of the night, she still called for me to come and get her as if she couldn't get out of the bed! Then I started laying her down awake and sat in her room in her rocking chair until she was pretty much out. Then I started to lay her awake and stand by the door and yell at her if I saw her lift her head from the pillow. If she ever got out of her bed in the night, she couldn't open the door so she would stand by it and knock until someone came to get her and put her back in bed. In any case it didn't take her very long and she transitioned into her queen bed very easily.

I told my friend the problem I have now is that she wakes up in the middle of the night and turns on her light and starts playing. Well she plays so quietly that we don't hear her on the monitor and have no idea she is up. She falls asleep on the floor and does the same thing in the morning; she wakes and stays in her room playing! This is when my friend exclaimed, "You don't even know how good you have it do you?"

"Really?" I thought, I have it good? She said that it must be so nice she doesn't wake me at night or early in the morning. Well, yes, I guess you could look at it that way...or if she did wake me, at least I'd be able to put her back to bed. Since she doesn't wake us, we have no idea how long she's been awake at night or in the morning. And I am up all night with two other little ones who still like to wake every 3 hours to eat...and different hours at that!

When I start to see the sun rise in the morning and I've been up most the night with my twin 3 month olds I start to feel the anxiety coming. Another day with no sleep. My 2 year old comes out of her room around 8am and since she has been up for who knows how long she is an absolute pill. She is needy and repeatedly says, "momma, hold me". Well, I'm holding two other babies. So it's not beyond me to tell her she needs to go to bed at 8:00 and let her take a nap until 10:00am. This is why I don't have it so good just because she plays in her room by herself!

I took the light bulbs out of her room thinking if she couldn't turn her light on she wouldn't play. Well, I was wrong. Actually, what she started doing was getting out of her bed, opening her door, walking across the house - in the dark - and coming into our room, climbing into our unusually high bed and getting in between me and my husband. It would be too late before we noticed she was there! What two year old has enough guts to walk through a dark house by themselves in the middle of the night? Either my husband or I would go and put her back in her bed. Now I keep a latch on her door so she can't open it more than 3".

Yes, I lock her in her room at night. I've gotten in the habit of checking on her when the babies wake up. I go in her room and if she is asleep on the floor, I scoop her up and put her back in bed. If she's awake, I threaten to "spank" her if she gets out of bed again. So, she doesn't want a spankin so she stays in bed and can reach all her books if she leans over the side. Then I threaten to spank her if I catch her reading again. Who spanks there kid for reading? Well, I do! If she's reading in the middle of the night!

She's a cutie pie. She is so sweet. I just wish she'd stop getting up and playing at night. My friend doesn't even know how hard I've got it!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A typical night

Not every night is like this but typically this is how it goes:

6:30/7pm -  babies get a bath. get jammies on and lotion with a little baby massage.
7:30 pm - if babies are being playful they may play for a while and I will try to bath my 2  year old. Otherwise my husband baths her.
8:00 pm - feed babies together and rock them to sleep. My husband puts my 2 year old to sleep.
9:00pm - usually one baby has fallen asleep.
9:30 pm - second baby has fallen asleep. Both are asleep for about 30 minutes
10:00pm - first baby who fell asleep has now woken up and wants to eat more. So I feed one.
10:15pm - second baby who fell asleep is now awake and wants to eat more. So I feed two.
10:30pm - both babies finally asleep and I take a shower.
11:00pm - I'm in bed with a chit-chatty husband who I yell at 3 or 4 times that I just need to go to sleep but I love him. This never works. He always falls asleep before me as I am restless, but so tired. I get mad because he is snoring and I am the tired one.
11:30/12 - I've hopefully fallen asleep
1:30am - First baby wakes up, usually my little boy who is smaller and still likes to eat every 3 hours. I nurse him if I have milk, but get self conscious that I don't have enough milk so after nursing I offer a bottle. Then I burp him forever because he has reflux and if I lay him down too early he is right back up.
2:30am - Baby is back asleep and I go to bed
3:30am - Next baby is awake. She is a fast eater and by 4:00 am she is back asleep and so am I.
4:30/5am - First baby is now back awake and wants to eat again. If I have milk, I will bring him in our bed and nurse him while I sleep. If he doesn't settle I will fix him a bottle and then once he is finished, next baby is up.
5:30am - Second baby is up. I put first baby back in his crib and bring her in my bed to nurse her while I sleep.
7:00am - my two year old wakes up
8:00am - first baby wakes up for the day and I always wake the second baby with him so they can stay on the same schedule throughout the day.

the rest of the day: tired momma