Friday, February 25, 2011

Sex at 34 weeks pregnant with twins

Here's how my conversation went with my husband tonight after he got home from the grocery store:

Husband: I saved $35 with coupons at Publix.

Me: that's great

H: isn't it? tonight the night?

Me: the night? It could want to try to put me back in labor? (now I know why the statement on money saving).

H: why did you have to ruin it?

Me: it's possible, that's all

H: I'm just saying it's been like two weeks

Me: two weeks? Really, it's been since Monday, today's Friday. It hasn't even been 5 whole

H: well if you hadn't eaten in 5 days, you wouldnt be very happy.

Me: are you seriously comparing food to sex? If I hadn't eaten since Monday I would be dead. These babies would suck all my nutrients from me!

H: well, there are other ways...

Me: other ways to put me in labor?

H: no! Other ways to...never mind you don't even think that way!

Me: oh...other ways...You're right I don't think that way. Sorry babe.

H: yeah, me too. Love you.

Me: love you too.

H: goodnight

Me: goodnight

labor and delivery: false alarm

I had a pretty easy pregnancy with my first child.  I had  a hard time getting pregnant, but once I began acupuncture treatments 3 months later we had conceived our first child. Pregnancy was smooth. However, at 40 weeks when it was still so smooth and my daughter was not ready to go anywhere I had to take measurements into my own hands. Yes, I got out the jump rope and let gravity go to work. Apparently jump roping when 10 months pregnant may have caused my water to tear which then may have caused my doctor to induce me. None the less, I had a vaginal unmediated birth...aside from the pitocin.

Sometimes I think I'd make a great surrogate mother. Here I am pregnant with #2 and #3...that's right, twins! And this too has been relatively easy. Well, putting aside the first 4 months of nausea and vomiting...this has been pretty easy considering it is a "multiples birth". I'm just about 34 weeks and still walking, carrying heavy things I shouldn't be carrying, moving furniture around at midnight and caring for my 21 month old. For the most part I feel good.

However, making a good surrogate mother might be an exaggeration. I'm not sure I am that selfless. As I'd have to give up running and cycling for another 9 months and all kids of other activities my husband and I like to do together, however, if I was selfless, I'd make a good surrogate. But I don't believe I am.

As nice as these babies have been on me, they are starting to take their toll the heavier they get, the bigger I get. I was telling my husband just yesterday that it was getting harder for me to bend down and lift things, I am getting shortness of breath and my back is starting to ache. I think I mentioned to him that I thought I lost some of my mucus plug, which he told me I never needed to mention anything of that sort again. I followed this conversation up with, "Babe, I need a favor from you."

The words that followed out of my husbands mouth left me speechless. He looked dead at me and said, "I am not sticking my fingers in any holes".

"What?!@!?" Where in the world did that come from? I have no idea...I didn't even bother to say anything, except maybe, "who the heck are you?, who did I marry?" All I was going to ask him to do was change the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. I wonder if he has any idea how good he has it.

Later in the evening, the backpain I had been complaining about got worse and I began having braxton hicks which I have had increasingly for the last month or so were getting much worse. I was able to time them 2 to 3 minutes apart and thought I could drink lots of water and sleep them away. However, the back pain got worse and the water did not help.

I gave my Doula a call and my daughters Nanny to come over and told my husband we were headed to the hospital so they could check me out and send me home. 33.5 weeks is way too early to have these babies.

My sweet husband was so excited. Packing his bags, getting the movie camera, the carseats, asking if I had my birthplan with me...oh geeze! slow down babe...we are not coming home with babies..."IT IS TOO EARLY". They are going to stop the contractions and send me home...or if they can't they are going to keep these babies for months because IT IS TOO EARLY! He was impatient with me, which is funny since I was the one in all the pain. I'm sure I was short with him too, like "ummm, leave the carseats here", "don't worry about bringing an overnight bag," etc...

Needless to say, they did send me home after monitoring me for an hour. My contractions were 2 minutes apart, but they were not changing my cervix, which fortunately, praise God, is still closed - completely closed. And I pray it stays that way for about 3-4 more weeks.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've thought for a while now that I would start keeping a blog. However, I've never really been sure what kind of direction to take with it, what audience to write it for, or what to write about. And honestly, I'm still not sure. But here we go...

I have a lot of stories, experiences and thoughts roaming in my head that I think would be good to get down on paper/computer. And as silly as it may sound, I do think the audience for this blog is me. I think this is more about me remembering what my thoughts and experiences are rather than you or anyone else. So, why not just keep a diary or a journal? Maybe because it seems more risky to put it out there and I like the right circumstances that is.

This post is no more than a greeting to say hello and basically establish that there is no purpose for this blog, no direct audience, and it might just be the most boring thing for anyone to read, including myself. But, it will serve as an outlet for my thoughts, experiences, and story telling about the life I live that God has graciously given me.