Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Facebook Conversation with the Nanny who stole from me

  • Hey! I saw where you were looking for a nanny. Where are you located? I'd love to talk with you about the position. I was a full time nanny for a little boy from the time he was 6 weeks till he was almost 3 when my husband and I moved back to Huntsville. I used to do all kinds of different arts with him from the time he was just infant, I set up play dates, took him on walks, took him to the library, parks, zoo and did a Gymboree play & learn class with him. I also taught him baby sign language and was working with him on colors, numbers, letters and ha him potty trained by 1 1/2. I now have my own little girl who is 10 months old and do all the same with her. She already understands several signs and can do "more" when she wants more food. I made all her food until she decided she didn't want puréed food anymore and only wanted foods she could chew. We don't let her watch tv unless its absolutely needed or in the car because she hates the car!! I do all cleaning needed as well. any other questions you may have please let me know!!

    • Heather, I'm surprised you would reach out to me. You nannied for me already and it did not end well when I discovered that you had stolen from me. Items I still would like back from you. I believe in second chances, but not when it comes to the well being of my kids. Congratulations on your new marriage and becoming a mother yourself. I hope you've matured some through the experience.

      • Saturday

      • Heather Potvin

        I'm sorry but I do not even know you. I have never been a nanny in Alabama. I was only a nanny in Michigan. I haven't lived in Alabama since I graduated high school. You have the wrong person. So please don't go talking about me to others when you have the wrong person.
        Thank You.

        • H. Brooks, I highly doubt you believe that, not to mention I have proof you worked for me. And trust me, I do not want you back in my life. It's hard enough to look at your profile pictures with you wearing the necklace my husband gave me as a very special gift the day our first daughter was born, along with other photos of you in my clothes you took from me. I trusted you dearly and was taken advantage by you. I will lay it to rest just as I did three years ago. But you my dear sent me a FB notice and put this on yourself. Please do not reply.

          •  Potvin

            No ma'am my maiden name is Heather Namati. And the necklace I wear is the one with my daughters name on it so I doubt that can be yours. And the only other necklace I ever wear is a Tiffany one from my husband that says I love you engraved on the back. And I wasn't even in Alabama 3 years ago.... So like I said, you have the wrong Heather . I was never a Heather Brooks.
            I will not say anything else, but do not be telling people I worked for you when I didn't. Thank You

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